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January 2006 Wireless News Archives

Welcome to the Wireless Industry News Archives section, where you will find all the latest news on the wireless industry, news on mobile phones and wireless Internet access. This news portal is updated at least twice a day, so come often and read it all.

January 2006 Wireless Industry News Archives

Jan. 31, 2006
RIM wins German patent case

Jan. 30, 2006
Alltel expands its prepaid phone service

Jan. 30, 2006
Yahoo leads wireless Web portals during 4Q

Jan. 27, 2006
iPCS added 18,900 new customers

Jan. 27, 2006
Nokia gains share in 4Q, but profits sag

Jan. 26, 2006
White House releases GPS upgrades

Jan. 25, 2006
Lucent results down on Winstar payment

Jan. 24, 2006
Verizon has record-smashing quarter

Jan. 24, 2006
DVB-H alliance formed

Jan. 23, 2006
Sprint Nextel freezes pension benefits

Jan. 20, 2006
Expect wireless to be even more popular in 2006

Jan. 20, 2006
UWB effort breaks into two competing standards

Jan. 19, 2006
Sony Ericsson boasts major gains in profits

Jan. 18, 2006
TDS announces new wireless broadband network

Jan. 18, 2006
Ethnic groups and youth heaviest cell-phone users

Jan. 17, 2006
Cable companies threatening wireline and wireless?

Jan. 16, 2006
Cingular obtains restraining order

Jan. 13, 2006
Google signs deal with Research In Motion

Jan. 12, 2006
Boeing to launch 3 satellites for MSV network

Jan. 12, 2006
Google to patent wireless one-click dialing

Jan. 11, 2006
Nokia and Kyocera announce cross-licensing agreement

Jan. 10, 2006
Cable damage causes service disruptions with Sprint Nextel

Jan. 10, 2006
Vodafone teams up with Sony

Jan. 6, 2006
Verizon unveils music-download service

Jan. 5, 2006
Brian Kidney leaves the CTIA

Jan. 5, 2006
Crown Castle plans $500 million mobile TV network

Jan. 4, 2006
SouthernLinc to offer priority access for emergencies

Jan. 3, 2006
Pointsec launches mobile trading hub in the Middle East

Jan. 3, 2006
Lynch Interactive denies wrongdoing in spectrum auctions

Jan. 2, 2006
Nokia will showcase its new phones

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