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July 2005 Wireless News Archives

Welcome to the Wireless Industry News Archives section, where you will find all the latest news on the wireless industry, news on mobile phones and wireless Internet access. This news portal is updated at least twice a day, so come often and read it all.

July 2005 Wireless Industry News Archives

July 29, 2005
U.S. Cellular turns on service in St. Louis

July 29, 2005
Biggest handset makers take more market share

July 28, 2005
Sprint's customer growth disappoint, but profits surge

July 27, 2005
AOL to offer mobile phone search

July 27, 2005
Children's advocates decry selling cell phones to kids

July 26, 2005
Verizon Wireless adds 1.9 million new customers

July 25, 2005
Western Wireless sells Irish subsidiary for $500M

July 22, 2005
Wireless carrier requirements in emergency alerts need improvements

July 21, 2005
Wireless service restored in all NYC tunnels

July 20, 2005
Verizon Wireless leading in customer care survey

July 20, 2005
Sales of cell phones to reach a billion annually

July 19, 2005
iPCS files lawsuit against Sprint

July 18, 2005
Sprint sells wireless as backup data link

July 15, 2005
Nextel questions value of Nextel Partners

July 15, 2005
XM Satellite spends $200M on 2.3 GHz licenses

July 14, 2005
Sprint sued by another affiliate

July 14, 2005
Cingular launches LG phone with MP3 player

July 13, 2005
T-Mobile USA sells Motorola's Razr online

July 12, 2005
Wireless service eliminated in 4 NYC tunnels

July 11, 2005
ICANN okays .mobi domain for mobiles

July 8, 2005
FCC moves closer to Sprint-Nextel approval

July 7, 2005
Yahoo launches SMS Search

July 7, 2005
Mobile content to become $9B industry in 2006

July 6, 2005
Alltel must sell some Wireless assets

July 6, 2005
Senate says yes to CAFTA-DR

July 5, 2005
Wireless carriers ask FCC to waive E911 handset deadline

July 4, 2005
Motorola lowers its Nextel holdings to less than 5 percent

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