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Seattle offers the most hot spots than any other city

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June 7, 2005

Seattle is this year's most wireless city, according to a survey released today. The study shows that Seattle had more wireless hot spots for its residents than any other U.S. city.

Coffee-sipping laptop users are a common sight in Seattle, the birthplace of Starbucks Corp. that also has software giant Microsoft Corp. in the nearby suburb of Redmond, Wash.

Second on the list was San Francisco's metropolitan area, followed by Austin, Texas. Fourth was another Northwestern city, Portland, Ore., and fifth was Toledo, Ohio.

The survey for 2005's "Most Unwired Cities" was based on the number of access points at commercial, public, airport, and other locations among the top 100 metropolitan areas in the United States.

Following is a complete list of the top ten unwired places in the United States:

1. Seattle
2. San Francisco-San Jose-Oakland, Calif.
3. Austin, Texas
4. Portland, Ore.-Vancouver, Wash.
5. Toledo, Ohio
6. Atlanta
7. Denver
8. Raleigh-Durham, N.C.
9. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.
10. Orange County, Calif.

Source: CNN FN


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