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Mar. 2005 Wireless News Archives

Welcome to the Wireless Industry News Archives section, where you will find all the latest news on the wireless industry, news on mobile phones and wireless Internet access. This news portal is updated at least twice a day, so come often and read it all.

March 2005 Wireless Industry News Archives

March 31, 2005
Nokia to purchase CDMA EV-DO phones

March 31, 2005
Qualcomm forms new business division

March 30, 2005
Cingular has highest number of complaints

March 29, 2005
MCI accepts Verizon's increased bid

March 25, 2005
Alltel expands coverage of Touch2Talk

March 24, 2005
Siemens and Ericsson partner for PTT Interoperability

March 23, 2005
Samsung launches new 160 degree display screen

March 22, 2005
Symbian licenses Microsoft wireless technology

March 21, 2005
Hackers come up with new methods to hack Wi-Fi networks

March 21, 2005
Nokia begins shipping its 6680 3G Smartphone

March 17, 2005
Kevin Martin appointed as new FCC chairman

March 16, 2005
Vodafone acquires Telesystem International

March 15, 2005
Leap customers to roam on Verizon's network

March 14, 2005
Leap Wireless to offer prepaid

March 11, 2005
Antivirus software for smart phones

March 10, 2005
Nortel Networks reaches a milestone

March 9, 2005
Bell Canada in an alliance with Craig McCaw

March 8, 2005
Verizon completes its acquisition of Qwest

March 7, 2005
AOL planning to enter crowded VoIP market

March 4, 2005
Revenues increasing at T-Mobile USA

March 3, 2005
FCC approves NextWave's sale to Verizon

March 2, 2005
NextWave emerging from bankruptcy

March 1, 2005
Minimal acceptance rates for wireline to wireless

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