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Wireless Industry News is read by over 300,000 people a month. Learn how you can increase your sales by advertising on our news portal -- Click here.

March 2008 Wireless News Archives

Welcome to the Wireless Industry News Archives section, where you will find all the latest news on the wireless industry, news on mobile phones and wireless Internet access. This news portal is updated at least twice a day, so come often and read it all.

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March 2008 Wireless Industry News Archives

Mar. 31, 2008
Linux well-positioned for the growing smartphone market

Mar. 30, 2008
China Mobile tests its new 3-G technology

Mar. 29, 2008
Nokia Siemens launches its downlink dual carrier EDGE software solution

Mar. 27, 2008
Samsung to acquire IP assets of Clairvoyant

Mar. 27, 2008
Appeals court blocks E-911 FCC ruling

Mar. 26, 2008
Carl Icahn still not happy with Motorola

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Mar. 25, 2008
Sprint Nextel risks losing an FCC appeal

Mar. 25, 2008
T-Mobile USA launches another compatible smartphone

Mar. 23, 2008
Samsung to build a handset plant in Vietnam

Mar. 21, 2008
Smart phones will be more popular in 5 years

Mar. 20, 2008
More support for Google's mobile phone platform

Mar. 19, 2008
FCC 700 Mhz spectrum auction finally ends

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Mar. 18, 2008
Accuris Networks unveils its new GSM/Wi-Fi application

Mar. 18, 2008
AT and T unveils its new U-Verse Voice services

Mar. 17, 2008
Motorola continues to shuffle executives around

Mar. 17, 2008
Digital music provider Puretracks inks deal with Research In Motion

Mar. 15, 2008
Wireless developers busy with the new iPhone beta SDK

Mar. 14, 2008
The Americans love their cell phones

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Mar. 13, 2008
The government’s wiretapping controversy continues

Mar. 12, 2008
Verizon completes $20 million expansion and upgrade to its network

Mar. 11, 2008
Alltel offers $100 unlimited plan

Mar. 11, 2008
Nation-wide FCC spectrum auction: nothing has changed for the C blocks

Mar. 10, 2008
Apple will make the iPhone more enterprise-friendly

Mar. 9, 2008
The FCC's power backup law in case of emergencies

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Mar. 7, 2008
Report: WiMAX technology interferes with satellite signals

Mar. 7, 2008
Sprint and T-Mobile sued over roaming charges

Mar. 6, 2008
AT and T upgrades its international network

Mar. 6, 2008
Apple to sell 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008

Mar. 4, 2008
Nokia launches new wireless handsets

Mar. 4, 2008
AT and T makes good on its promises to Florida customers

Mar. 3, 2008
Sprint to move ahead with Wi-MAX despite its problems

Mar. 2, 2008
Motorola and Sprint Nextel still struggling as business partners

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