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So who's currently leading the WiMAX segment?

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May 31, 2007

The original vendors who entered the WiMAX market - Alavarion, Aperto, Redline and Airspan - still largely hold their dominant market positions, according to the latest report from In-Stat.

But better-known equipment vendors such as Motorola, Nokia Siemens and even Samsung received more press coverage last year, for their high-profile Wi-MAX service provider deployments.

In-Stat's report does expect Sprint's network roll out to shift the market balance, as it has not selected any of those early market pioneers as an infrastructure partner.

Daryl Schoolar, an In-Stat analyst said in a statement "while the early pioneers of WiMAX should lose their market share dominance over the next couple of years, they should continue to grow their revenues, benefiting from the overall growth of the market."

Schoolar added "these vendors continue to win larger contracts with higher profile service providers."

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Source: Wireless Week


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