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Wireless Industry News is read by over 300,000 people a month. Learn how you can increase your sales by advertising on our news portal -- Click here.

November 2006 Wireless News Archives

Welcome to the Wireless Industry News Archives section, where you will find all the latest news on the wireless industry, news on mobile phones and wireless Internet access. This news portal is updated at least twice a day, so come often and read it all.

November 2006 Wireless Industry News Archives

Nov. 30, 2006
Nokia largely invested in the U.S.

Nov. 29, 2006
Nokia lowers expectations, unwraps new phones

Nov. 28, 2006
U.S. copyright office approves handset unlocking

Nov. 28, 2006
MediaFLO adds T-Mobile USA to trial mix

Nov. 27, 2006
Google tells the mobile industry the way it is

Nov. 26, 2006
Behavioral targeting goes mobile with Sprint Nextel

Nov. 24, 2006
Palm gets home for the holidays

Nov. 23, 2006
NTSB urges ban on cellphone use for school bus drivers

Nov. 22, 2006
Wireless coverage to be available in Boston tunnels

Nov. 22, 2006
Cingular Wireless hoping to boost mobile content sales

Nov. 21, 2006
Bush administration approves Lucent-Alcatel merger

Nov. 20, 2006
CDMA Development Group reignites GSM vs. CDMA debate

Nov. 19, 2006
Price of mobile handsets dropping rapidly

Nov. 17, 2006
Sony Ericsson tops J.D. Power handset satisfaction study

Nov. 16, 2006
Canadians get crack at all-you-can-hear music from Telus

Nov. 16, 2006
T-Mobile USA faces class action suit

Nov. 15, 2006
SBA picks up 69 towers from SunCom

Nov. 14, 2006
René Obermann takes over at Deutsche Telekom

Nov. 13, 2006
Motorola and Qualcomm sign deal for W-CDMA chips

Nov. 11, 2006
Motorola to acquire wireless e-mail vendor Good Technology

Nov. 11, 2006
File sharing hits wireless with new Pogo app

Nov. 10, 2006
T-Mobile USA posts mixed results

Nov. 9, 2006
Democrat advances throw off wireless issues

Nov. 8, 2006
Cingular offers iTunes alternative with latest Razr

Nov. 7, 2006
Global Signal lowers loss ahead of merger

Nov. 7, 2006
San Francisco's municipal Wi-Fi project in limbo

Nov. 6, 2006
Ultimate Electronics drops T-Mobile USA in favor of Verizon Wireless

Nov. 3, 2006
Google launches Gmail for mobile phones

Nov. 3, 2006
Motorola wins reprieve in Indian infrastructure bid

Nov. 2, 2006
Motorola to fight counterfeit cell phone accessories

Nov. 2, 2006
Disney Mobile lowering its prices

Nov. 1, 2006
Andrew to buy EMS Wireless for $50.5M

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