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ABC News most popular channel on cell phones

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Sep. 11, 2006

The overall audience for mobile TV grew 45 percent to 3.7 million subscribers in the second quarter.

News, weather and sports channels topped the list as the most-watched content, according to a new report by consumer research firm Telephia.

The study also found that total quarterly mobile TV revenues jumped 67 percent since the first quarter to $86 million last quarter.

“Mobile TV is the fastest growing wireless data service and marketers are working quickly to figure out how they can capitalize on what has the potential to be the most important new form of media since the advent of the Internet,” said Tamara Gaffney, director of product management at Telephia.

Telephia explained that its newly launched Mobile TV Diary Report measures mobile TV viewership, revenue performance, demographic profiles, behavioral measures and advertising preferences. The firm said its report includes data about streaming TV as well as video-on-demand services.

“News and information is the killer app for mobile television,” declared Gaffney. “With just a quick flip of their phone it gives consumers instant gratification.

Now consumers can access breaking news from the airport, car wash, dentist, kid’s soccer game, whenever they are away from home. Consumers want television at their fingertips.”

Among all mobile TV users, ABC News was the most watched channel during this year’s second quarter, having secured 40 percent of the total mobile TV audience, Telephia reported.

Thirty-two percent of the total mobile TV audience watched The Weather Channel, while Fox Sports and ESPN followed closely with 31 and 29 percent, respectively. Fox News grabbed 22 percent of the total mobile TV audience.

In terms of access reach, which is the percentage of people who watch relative to those who had access to the channel, CNN secured the top spot with 65 percent of mobile TV users with access to CNN. The Weather Channel had the widest distribution with an access rate of 82 percent.

“While still in its nascent stages, mobile TV shows significant and unique promise given the ability of the consumer to shift viewing from location to location,” continued Gaffney.

“As seen with ABC News, Fox Sports and The Weather Channel, securing the widest distribution and coverage remains a primary objective. Additionally, channels that deliver trusted, branded content, as seen with CNN, ensure high viewership will continue after launch.”

Meanwhile, M:Metrics announced the deployment of M:Meter, the mobile marketing company’s on-device mobile measurement platform that measures the behavior of consumers across several mediums, including mobile television, music, Web browsing and messaging services.

M:Metrics said its new measurement platform is being trialed in the United States with a leading DVB-H provider. The company did not name the provider.

“With this trial, M:Metrics extends its leadership in the measurement of mobile content, becoming the first to measure both mobile TV and radio content simultaneously though one electronic device,” said Brian Fleisher, vice president of business development at M:Metrics.

“In the history of media measurement, there have always been at least two non-compatible methods for measuring the viewing and listening habits of consumers.

With the mobile phone and M:Metrics’ M:Meter platform, there now is one.”

Source: RCR News


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